SHOPNSELL duly registered under the laws of the Philippines is engaged in the business of e-commerce and offered its website herein referred to as “SHOPNSELL”


SELLER duly resgistered with SHOPNSELL and is bound by the terms and conditions of Sellers Agreement, herein referred to as Seller;


Buyer represents himself with full capacity to enter willingly and voluntarily into a contract of sale with the Seller using the platform of SHOPNSELL.


1. Buyer shall be govern by the terms and conditions for the use of SHOPNSELL (SNS) website and confirm to have read and understood the same;
2. Buyer confirm and agree to be governed by the Privacy Policy of Shopnsell and hereby give its consent to SHOPNSELL and its seller to use its personal information to facilitate the purchase order transaction;
3. Buyer may opt to sign-up and create its own account in Shopnsell website or not; by creating its personal account in SNS website, the buyer agree with the website terms and conditions and privacy policy;
4. The buyer may choose to shop, add or delete from SNS cart his/her desired products;
5. The buyer confirms that he check the product description and the name of the seller and confirm to have understood and agreed with the material content and listed or posted price of the products in the platform before proceeding to purchase the products;
6. Buyer conduct the ordinary diligence to check the product description and other material content posted by the seller through SNS Platform;
7. Buyer may send his/her comments or feedback or ratings on the performance of the seller;
8. The buyer confirm and agree with the payment of method provided in SNS platform and ensure payment of products purchase through SNS platform;
9. Buyer ensures that the payment, processed through bank transfer or other gateway facilities provided by shopnsell, is free from any lien, encumbrance, legal obligations or claims of any third person.
10. Buyer is obligated to receive the products ordered upon delivery notification from Seller, Shopnsell and delivery/driver.
11. In case the buyer cancel his/her order already paid through the built-in payment system/gateway in SHOPNSELL website, SHOPNSELL shall refund the amount through the SNS-E wallet of the customer for future order or use.
12. In case of CASH-ON DELIVERY- the buyer agree to pay the exact purchase price, in the currency agreed upon (PHP) including the delivery fee as confirmed in the platform during purchase order and turn over the payment to the authorized delivery/driver of SHOPNSELL or SELLER.
13. In case of failure of delivery for 3 attempts on different dates, for reason that the Buyer is not available to receive the parcel, or failed to nominate his authorize recipient, or deliberately disregard his order, SHOPNSELL shall close and cancel the order in the system and shall request the Delivery to deliver the items/product back to the Seller.

With the foregoing clause, the buyer who already paid, thru the built-in payment system of SHOPNSELL, shall request SHOPNSELL for refund of his payment to his SNS-E-wallet, subject to deduction of the delivery fees for failure to accept delivery by reason attributable to
14. Buyer may request for the I.D of the driver or delivery to ensure the proper identification of the person making the delivery of goods;
15. In case of return or exchange of the products, the buyer agree to be governed by the RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY set by the seller and SHOPNSELL as provided below:
a. The conditions for a valid return from the customers are:
a. Damaged – the product packaging and/or product itself is damaged during delivery.
b. Defective – the product does not function as promised and stated.
c. Wrong item – the product delivered to the customer is different from that it ordered as evidenced by confirmed Purchase order online. The item is considered different, if the specification or description varies from the one confirmed or purchased by the buyer.
d. Missing parts – the product is not complete or what is delivered does not match the “what’s in the box” description or the accessories as declared product description in the online store is not included in what was delivered to the Buyer.

Above list are exclusive and no other conditions or grounds shall be accepted for return and exchange of product.
b. The buyer upon receipt of the delivered goods must check the products in accordance with the product description posted in the platform by the seller.
c. 5 days return policy – The buyer must immediately send message to the
seller through SNS platform in the seller’s account or send an email to , providing the following information to SHOPNSELL and SELLER:

ii. PHOTOs of damage product received;
iii. Brief description of damage of defect;
iv. Date of delivery or receipt of goods;

d. SHOPNSELL or SELLER shall within 2 days or 48 hours reply to the Buyer for the action and acceptance by the seller of damaged, defective, wrong item or missing parts in the delivered item or products;
e. Buyer shall, through any courier available to him/her send the damaged, defective, wrong item or missing parts in the delivered item or products to Seller’s address for exchange of products.
However, in case the same product is not anymore available in the store of the seller, the seller shall immediately advise the buyer to choose other equivalent price of products posted at the seller-SNS platform and opt to have the new products delivered without additional delivery fee to buyer.
f. Buyer must ensure that the damaged, defective, wrong item or missing parts in the delivered item or products for return and exchange is not attributable to buyer’s own fault or negligence. If the buyer is at fault or negligent, the product shall not be allowed for return and exchange.

The buyer is at fault or negligence and the item or goods shall not be
allowed for return and replacement if the following situations occur:

1. Failure of the buyer to send notification AND to return back the product, by sending it through any of his/her desired courier service to the address nominated or advised by the seller, within 5 days from receipt of product by buyer or delivery date.
2. Buyer intentionally cause damage to the goods or items as showed by
the physical overall damage assessment;
3. Through fault or negligence of the buyer he/she lost or misplaces the part which is obviously by the nature of the good or item is normally attached to its principal part.
g. The new product as replacement to damaged, defective, wrong item or missing parts in the delivered item or products shall be delivered to the buyer’s address without additional delivery fee, but the seller shall be responsible to shoulder all the cost involved for the return and exchange of products. The buyer shall be notified by the seller for the period needed to deliver the replacement good/product.
16. Buyer shall not refuse to accept the goods delivered through authorized SNS OR SELLER delivery/driver, unless the following conditions are present:
a. The products delivered is Patently prohibited by law and not in accordance with the order of buyer;
b. The product delivered is belonging to some other person as indicated in per name labeled in the package;

17. SHOPNSELL undertake to protect data privacy of the customer and seller in accordance with its PRIVACY POLICY;
18. SHOPNSELL shall ensure customer support for the customer/buyers;
19. SELLER shall ensure and undertake to perform its obligation in good faith to deliver the goods based on the product description, quality and quantity ordered by the buyer and comply with all its obligations to the buyer, shopnsell and authorized delivery/driver of SHOPNSELL;

I Agree to the above terms and conditions and hereby confirm may understanding for the above provisions and voluntarily submit myself upon this undertakings and obligations.

As of 05 Jul 2020